Thursday, July 22, 2021

ICAST 2021: ZMan's Big Blade Chatterbait


By the time you read this, Bryan Thrift will have already lipped livewells full of big bass on prototypes of a new bladed jig he’s been designing and tweaking on the down-low for the better part of three years. 

Can’t really blame Thrift if he’s been taking his sweet time, ironing out every last little kink and imperfection—all while more of less enjoying the fruits of being the only angler on earth with a few of these bad boys in his boat. Tough job . . .

These days, safeguarding any sort of “secret new lure”—especially one with so much boom and bravado—  is next to impossible. If you’ve been paying attention to recent bass tourney coverage, though, you might’ve caught a quick glimpse of the cage-rattling Big Blade ChatterBait hanging from Thrift’s rodtip. To date, the Z-Man-ChatterBait pro has flung the badass bladed jig toward several near-tournament wins, starting with 2nd place at the MLF Bass Pro Tour Stage One at Lake Eufaula last February. 

Following three years of R&D, Thrift has given his blessing on the definitive, head-banging version and says it’s your turn experience the Big Blade ‘boom’.

“When you displace as much water as the Big Blade does, the result is a lure that can pull off moves and evasive actions that aren’t possible with any other bladed jig,” explains Thrift, who started the bladed swim jig sensation after winning his first FLW tournaments with a ChatterBait in 2005 and 2006.

Driven by a magnum engine of a ChatterBlade®—70-percent more surface area and vibration than a standard hex-blade—the Big Blade ChatterBait puts a virtual subwoofer at the end of your line. Imagine how bass must perceive it. Given their innate ability to detect powerful, low frequency vibrations in water, the temptation to slam the bait can be overwhelming. 

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