Friday, July 23, 2021

ICAST 2021: ZMan's Chatterbait MiniMax

“This little blade really sings,” asserts Z-Man pro Luke Clausen, assessing the new, baby-sized bladed jig at the end of his line. After studying the lure’s physical assets, Clausen goes subsurface, contemplating how bass perceive the fresh-from-the-oven ChatterBait MiniMax on its levels of action and sound. 

“Everyone’s throwing ChatterBaits these days—and for good reason,” notes Clausen. “But that means bass eventually tune out the same baits and vibration, cast after cast, day after day. It’s been a major motivating factor driving the development of this new, bite-sized ChatterBait: to produce a subtler sound, profile and a vibe that stands apart from traditional bladed jigs.” 

From the first crank of the reel with Z-Man’s finely-honed ChatterBait MiniMax, lively tremors up the line sing an alternative tune— albeit, a few octaves above the usual bladed jig melody. As Clausen notes, too, its downsized blade and frame yield advantages such as the ability to burn the bait like there’s no tomorrow. 

“We crafted the MiniMax with a downscaled hex-blade and other componentry, but with enough punch and muscle to handle big, tough smallmouth, spotted and largemouth bass, even in high-pressure tournament scenarios,” notes Clausen. 

Turbo-boosted by a thumbnail-sized ChatterBlade®, the new ChatterBait MiniMax Compact Bladed Jig is balanced out with a high-grade 2/0 black nickel hook, dual molded conical trailer-keeper and premium wire-tied silicone skirts. Echoing the trademark ChatterBait sound and action on a higher-frequency scale, the MiniMax features Z-Man’s patented direct head-to-blade connection—the exclusive, undeniable force that continues to propel the ChatterBait’s on-water dominance.

“With this sweet little dude tied on, you can go right in behind anglers who’ve just swept through areas with regular ChatterBaits and other lures and really clean house,” notes the likeable Clausen, a topnotch MLF/Bass Pro Tour angler. “I’ve thrown it in heavily fished Florida lakes and I suspect it will eventually be a player there as well as in Texas and beyond. Can’t wait to show it to smallmouths on clearwater fisheries up north.”

Clausen continues: “Certainly, bass eat the MiniMax because it shudders, thumps and goes erratic like a full-sized ChatterBait. But when bass target smaller forage, the downsized bladed jig becomes a convincing match. And it’s a great choice for smaller lakes and ponds—for fish that see lots of baits and are tougher to fool. Love that I can throw the little quarter-ouncer on a spinning rod; the bait just catches fish everywhere, especially in pressured places where the bigger bass have been caught before.”

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