Monday, November 7, 2022

Ohio Angler Lands 10 Pound Smallmouth on Lake Erie! (ON THE WATER VIDEO)

Potential Ontario Record!

By Luigi De Rose  

Photo: Ohio Department of Natural Resources

The November heat wave has kept bass guys on the water but Gregg Ghallerger of Fremont, Ohio might be the luckiest to venture out. He might be the luckiest angler ever if his mammoth 10.15lb Lake Erie smallmouth meets official criteria and becomes the new Ontario record. 

On November 3, 2022, Gregg and his son Grant ventured from across Erie into Canadian waters near Pelee Island. After landing the 23.75-inch smallmouth on a drop-shot and eight-pound test they headed back to connect with the Ohio DNR for an official weight and measurement. 

Naturally, the story of the potential Ontario record circulated late Thursday online. Internet warriors have been flooding chatboards debating the merit of Gregg’s catch. The questions and debates raged, several questions emerged: was the fish released? Can a released bass be considered a true record? How old was it? 

To celebrate the catch, Ross Robertson of Big Water Fishing sits down with the Gallergers and relives the epic catch. 

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