Monday, January 9, 2023

Mercury Marine Releases their Avator 100% Electric Motor


An Avator electric outboard is designed to let anyone take the helm with confidence. Intuitive tiller or remote controls are comfortable, responsive and easy to use, putting boating freedom in your hands. And with its near-zero-maintenance design, it’s ready to go when you are.

With its whisper-quiet motor and ultra-smooth performance, an Avator electric outboard lets you hear every detail of every adventure. It’s outboard technology that helps you fully immerse in the natural world around you.

Avator electric propulsion systems transform the boating experience by making boating possible with no exhaust fumes and zero direct emissions. And each outboard is crafted with many components that are recyclable or reusable. So you can have fun today knowing you’re making a positive impact for tomorrow.

It’s not just what’s under the cowl that counts. With the Mercury badge on it, you can trust that an Avator outboard has been built to the same high standards and backed by the same network of authorized dealers that have made Mercury the industry leader.

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