Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Great Lakes Finesse New 2.5" Juvy Craw Ideal Smallmouth Candy!

Great Lakes Finesse releases the 2.5" Juvy Craw, a modern take on the traditional tube.

Great Lakes Finesse, the leading innovator in premium finesse fishing tackle, proudly introduces the latest innovation in the soft tube bait category: the 2.5" Juvy Craw.

Designed to pair perfectly with their already popular Mini Pro Tube Head, the Juvy Craw is designed to resemble a juvenile crawfish. When the tube head is pushed into the body, the hook shank sits right between the two tentacles allowing the hook to blend in and the bait to sit up right with its flat bottom. When fished, the Juvy Craw will behave similar to a small defenseless crawfish on the fall and when dragged/hopped along the bottom. This bait features floating claws and tentacles.

"Our team at Great Lakes Finesse is thrilled to introduce the Juvy Craw, a product that reflects our intense commitment to premuim innovation in the fishing industry," remarked Dan Miguel, Global Brand Manager at Great Lakes Finesse. "We know how important a tube bait is for bass anglers and we know how much bass love to eat crawfish. This seemed so obvious to us and we asked ourselves over and over again during the development process… why has noone done this before?”

The Juvy Craw’s official release date is March 22nd at the Bassmaster Classic but you can already find it at reputable retailers and Lurenet.com. Comes in 10 colors. MSRP: $6.99 for a 7 pack.

For more information about the Great Lakes Finesse Juvy Craw and their full line of finesse products, please visit GreatLakesFinesse.com.

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