Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Shimano Unleashes the Next Evolution in Baitcasting Excellence

Shimano North America Fishing, a renowned global leader in the fishing industry, is proud to announce the debut of the redesigned CAIUS C low-profile baitcaster. This updated CAIUS encapsulates the perfect blend of cutting-edge technology and attainable pricing. 

Inside the lightweight, compact body of the CAIUS, anglers will discover a host of proven technologies designed to elevate the fishing experience. The Variable Brake System (VBS) is a standout feature, employing centrifugal force and weights instead of magnets to temper initial spool acceleration. This Innovative design allows the spool to spin freely until the end of the cast, significantly reducing backlash. Paired with CAIUS’ Super Free Spool technology, friction is eliminated, offering a baitcasting experience that redefines overall casting performance.

MSRP: $79.99

Shimano proudly introduces the revolutionary S3D Spool technology in the CAIUSa game changer in reducing spool vibration. Crafted from balanced and uniform thin-wall aluminum, the S3D Spool ensures an incredibly smooth casting and retrieving experience, setting new standards for baitcasting enthusiasts. 

“The CAIUS redesign represents a leap forward in baitcasting excellence,” says Freshwater Marketing Manager Bob Mahoney. “With the introduction of S3D technology, we’ve significantly reduced spool vibration to provide anglers with an unmatched smoothness in casting and retrieving lures. Furthermore, we’ve trimmed the weight by 12% compared to the 2019 model, making it a lightweight option designed for anglers with unmatched smoothness in casting and retrieving lures.”

Ideal for up-and-coming tournament competitors and weekend warriors alike, Shimano’s CAIUS low-profile baitcaster is designed for those who demand smoothness and durability. For more information about the CAIUS and Shimano's complete range of in
novative fishing tackle, visit To find a retailer near you, visit Shimano’s dealer locator.

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