Tuesday, May 21, 2024

“No Information Rule” to include current BASS Open EQ anglers!

 To find out more on the matter, listen to Bill Lowen on Chirs Zaldain’s podcast. 

By Luigi De Rose

B.A.S.S. has now broadened their “no information rule” to include current BASS Open EQ anglers. Several BASS Elite anglers have voiced their disapproval that the 9 BASS EQ qualifiers for the 2024 Elites had opportunities to seek out experts and collect information prior to them qualifying for the Elite. BASS Open anglers were not under the same restrictions as Elite anglers regarding the “no information” rule.  The main thorn was that many of the 2023 BASS Open EQ who were well ranked in the points openly recruited information once the 2024 BASS Elite season was announced. They felt that their qualification for the Elite was a sure thing and began pre-fishing many of the venues of the 2024 Elite season. 

Several veteran Elite anglers have notified BASS and have been burned up social media and podcasts voicing their displeasure. Well their concerns have reached BASS and the rule has been changed.  BASS notified all 2024 Elite and Open anglers via text message late last week of the rule change but no official statement has been released.

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