Saturday, February 25, 2012

2012 Bassmaster Classic Day 2: Chris Lane Leads!

By Luigi De Rose
Chris Lane is PUMPED!
(photo: James Overstreet BASS)
Chris Lane, AL, is leading the 2012 Bassmaster Classic with a two day total of 35-08. He has a 1 pound lead over Greg Vinson who weighted in a day 2 limit of 16-12 pounds. After the final fish hit the scales, two clear facts have transpired on the Red River: bigger bass are starting to spawn and no one can make a mistake. Chris Lane's 19-04 five bass limit was the heaviest of the day and entire tournament illustrates the potential of a large creel.  Chris is king after day two but that affords him little luxury. He is only 6 pounds ahead of 10th place angler Keith Poche.  Poche was yesterday's leader and a local of the Red River. If Poche had difficulty catching them then anyone can.

The Top 10
place/angler/day 2 weight/ total weight
1. Chris Lane  19-04   35-08
2. Greg Vison   16-12   34-11
3. Alton Jones  17-14   31-11
4. Bobby Lane  14-08   30-12
5. Edwin Evers   14-04   30-07
6. Dustin Wilks  13-10   30-03
7. Bill Lowen   14-13  29-10
8. Aaron Marten  15-11  29-09
9. David Walker  12-14   29-06
10. Keith Poche  11-08   29-05

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