Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Classic and The Finder on FOX

By Luigi De Rose 

Someone just wrote me and commented that the staff member(s) who accepted a Classic on the Red River should be fired. They might be correct. The Red River seems to be heavily stained and fishermen are squished into key areas. Last year’s Classic on the Delta might be a blue print for Classic 2012.  A cast-to-cast boat-to-boat battle might make great TV but it will frazzle the competitors. Plus, this isn't the Delta. 

Its classic weekend and the Bassmaster Classic contenders have their work cut out for them. Rivers are never easy to fish. Springtime is such a volatile time for fishing making this year’s world championship a possible dud. Think back to the poorest weights recorded in Classic history and they all occurred on rivers. Granted, they all were in the dead of summer but river fishing can be difficult.

This year has been a mild winter.  Luckily, we didn’t have a huge snowmelt to flush the river out but some strong rains up stream of Shreveport, LA, have darkened the water. Hopefully, this will not adversely effect and affect the Classic. The weather report for today and tonight is a high of 82F and low of 42F with thunderstorms and rain. The rest of the weekend seems nice. The worst conditions are cold, muddy water that is flooding. It makes fishing and navigation scary.  Much of the northern states have had strong winter weather the last few days. Ohio, Michigan, New York and Ontario are going to get a heavy snowstorm in the next few hours. If the weather turns sour, the fishing might be impossible. 

On a totally different note, a good friend of mine is a writer for the new TV show on Fox called The Finders. It airs at 9pm Eastern Time. If you have a chance, turn on the TV to Fox and give it a watch. My buddy’s mortgage is resting on its success.

The Weekend
Expect daily reports of the Bassmaster Classic here on IBASSIN along with some mid-day up-dates.  I’ll also be adding a few personal blogs on the way.

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