Saturday, February 25, 2012

2012 Bassmaster Classic: What's Happening?

By Luigi De Rose

The 2012 Bassmaster Classic is held on the Red River. The Red River is a large river segmented by locks with numerous off-chutes, backwaters, creeks and sloughs. Anglers have kilometers of water to fish yet many are crammed into tiny areas due to the seasonal transition of the bass and the muddy water conditions. Cold, muddy water is unproductive. It blinds the bass and freezes their ability to hunt. As Aaron Marten, note Elite angler stated, "if the area is muddy, you won't catch anything." Rain has contributed to dirtying the water yet most anglers commented that the wind was their biggest foe. Focusing on dead end coves or distant backwaters immune from the flowing muddy water was rocked with high winds that stirred the silt bottom reducing the availability of water. The scarcity of clearer water forces Classic competitors to share water. Although each angler accepted the crowds many areas were further muddied as trolling and big motors churned the waters throughout the fishing day. Add that to the fact to the volume of bass caught on day 1, many pros were disappointed of their chances of finding enough quality bass to win the world's most covenant title.

Here are a series of photos that illustrate how limited the clear water areas are and the crowding on Day 1. (photos: BASS)
The water right of the road is in stark contrast to the clearer water on the left.

Water conditions and crowding will determine the outcome of the Classic.

No privacy here.

No one was safe. Not even KVD was able to find something special.

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