Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fishing in a Crowd Part 2

Crowds don’t bother me. I like the challenge. Nothing is more exciting than battling it out right there on the lake. Being observant is key. Scott Martin explained in an interview with FLW outdoors that his 2012 win on the Potomac River lay in fishing areas that rested. He would keep tabs on which areas got the most pressure and avoid them. Allowing fish to rest, even for an hour or two was enough to keep them biting.

When crowds get this thick, you'll have to out think them.
(Photo: FLW outdoors)
Sometimes luck can influence the out come of a big bag but don’t count on it. Look around and see what is working and what is not. Be detailed orientated; time of day, location, types of weeds in large grass beds, shallow or deep will help unlock the secrets to success.

Also, watch how others are performing. If the power anglers are catching them, don’t switch to a finesse rig. But, if the action slows, a quick modification can help catch a few extra. Don’t always think slow. Many times I’ve watched someone load the boat by zipping through a pack of boat using a reaction bait. They’re triggering a response. Paying attention is not spying. Always react to the environmental conditions. Fishing pressure is a huge influence, so react accordingly.

GPS will be your best friend in large community holes. There are always sweet spots. A spot on a spot draws in the fish. I’ve seen it so specific that a pitch a few metres (yards) wasn’t close enough. There is always a rhythm to fishing in a crowd. Trying to determine what is working takes time and commitment.

Part 3 coming soon.  

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