Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Learn to Fish in a Crowd Part1

Roland and Scott Martin work a massive grass bed on
the Potomac River.
(Photos: Rob Newell & FLW)

Fishing in crowd is challenging. Angling community holes and surviving is an accomplishment . Many factors influence fishing in crowds. Dealing with crowds needs a two-prong approach. Even before the first cast is made, they are beaten. The flip side is relief. If others consider the same area worthy to fish, you might be on to something.

This multi-part article will article will focus on how to succeed in a crowd.  

Psychologically, it can be painful to watch fish being caught while you sit ideal. Frustration equals anxiety, which in turn translates into a poor performance.  For many, its best to ignore the crowds, even if community holes are teaming with bass.

Even the most seasoned angler feels deflated as they turn into their magic spot only to discover a mob. Confidence it a huge factor. Ideally, everyone needs some peace and quiet but weekend warriors and elite anglers fish the conditions they get. Avoidance is a strategy children are taught to distance themselves from rude people and it works for fishing.

Alton Jones, Tommy Biffle, Roland Martin and many others have made careers finding fishing grounds too far or too difficult for others to consider. Alton Jones once jammed his boat under a low culvert to win a BASS Top 100. In 1985, Roland  drove 60 miles down the Hudson River to hit the tide at peak feeding times.  Biffle, almost won a Classic by bucking the seasonal trend of cranking ledges to hunt for bass way, way up creeks in August. For them it is easier to fish for unpressured bass, even if there are not a lot of them. Some say it’s not smart but who can argue with their stellar careers.

Never easy.
(Photo: Izumi Outdoors
Canadian tournament ace, Bob Izumi, loves to out run the competition. For decades he would vault into the wildest of seas of the Great Lakes to out distance himself from the competition. Finding distant schools has made him one of the most talented  pros in history.  His 2011 FLW Northern EverStart win on Lake Ontario illustrated classic avoidance tactics.

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