Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Evolving Umbrella rig

Finally an Alabama Rig has sealed a national victory. At the last FLW tournament on Beaver Lake, the top four places credited the Umbrella rig for their success. As the tournament progressed, Andy Morgan, Luke Clausen and tournament winner David Dudley used this rig almost exclusively. Focusing on post-spawn bass related to spawning shad, the Umbrella rig was perfect medicine. Dudley, in an interview with FLW outdoors, said it was the best rig for suspended bass ever. This statement seems to ring very true.

Another surprising turn of events is how versatile this rig has become. Initially, Umbrella rigs seemed limited to deep-water applications. Just like the sensation the Carolina rig stirred in the early 1990s, Umbrella rigs seemed the domain of deep water.  In the last two FLW tournaments, many pros have flung it around the docks, pole timber and bushes. With multiple jigheads surging through the water, it looks like an accident waiting to happen.

The only accident is not fishing it. Lightening up and scaling down the rig and swimbaits, has made it just as comfortable to fish along the bank as it is dredging the deep bottom.  More anglers are favouring the smaller versions. Not sure it is more of a numbers game or bass are already getting conditioned to the magnum ones.  The smaller rigs seems to be doing the best damaged.  Scaled down versions should increase as the northern smallmouth anglers become more comfortable with it.  Look at yesterday’s post on the Lurbrella. Their mini one seems perfect for smallmouth or lethargic bass. 

So, the next time you’re rigging up the rods, have a shallow water version ties on. It should pay off just like it did on Beaver Lake. 

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