Monday, May 28, 2012

IBASSIN Exclusive: The Invader Jig

The Invader Jig is a brand new release from Vok.

 This is a premium jig with many of the features common with Japanese style jigs. 

Just a few of the colours offered. 

First is the thick, bushy living rubber skirt. Unlike many other jigs, these skirts are very full and utilize the very thinnest materials. This ensures a big profile that moved very well in the water. I am unsure of the actual strand count but one look and it will satisfy your needs. I also like that the skirt is wired to the jig. Rubber collars deteriorate over time. A few wraps of wire is an nice extra step from Vok.

Outfitted  with a dangerously looking XXX Owner hook. One look at it and its clear this thing mean business.  The jig also has a collared to help the plastic trailer remain firmly attached. 

One of the most striking features is its Mantis looking head. Poured from lead, it has a unique design that the owner feels will slide equally well through grass or rocks. The two–tone paint jobs are well done with bright colours. I have been assured the paint is very chip resistant.

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