Tuesday, December 18, 2012

2013 Quinte Fishing Series 2013 Dates

The Quinte Fishing Tournament Dates

Please observe the dates closely. They reflect the new opening day for zone 20 for 2013. 

Qunite fishing is a great series on a great body of water. If you want a challenging, well organized and enjoyable tournament to fish pick one or all of these events. They launch out of Belleville, Ontario and the fishing is first class. 

May 26th walleye
June 16th Largemouth only, 1 day event
July 6th/7th Largemouth only, 2 day event
July 28th Largemouth/Smallmouth, 1 day event
August 17th/18th Largemouth/Smallmouth, 2 day event
September 14th/15th Peter Thompson Memorial Classic , Largemouth only, 2 day event

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