Thursday, December 20, 2012

Super Christmas Present!

If you love the outdoors or knows some who does, this is a great idea. Sign up for an amazing coarse from an amazing guy.

Stokely Creek Lodge February 7th-10th 2013
The winter landscape around Stokely Creek Lodge begs to be photographed. Not only are the rolling hardwood mountains and cavernous valleys laced with cross country ski trails and snow shoe trails, but they are a prime example of the stunning winter wilderness of the Algoma Highlands area.
Embracing the Challenge of Winter Photography
With the winter wilderness literally right at our doorstep, warming up with a cup of hot chocolate by the fire between shoots is an option. However, participants will need to bring warm winter clothes and be prepared to work within the winter elements that most photographers shun. And the results will be worth it.
The deep powder snow of February envelops the rollicking waters of icy Stokely Creek. Long tendrils of ice hang from under cut cliff faces forming some of the most spectacular ice falls in the region. From the subtle details of the snow-laden wilderness, to dramatic panoramic mountain-top lookouts, there is no denying the photography opportunities in the immediate area.
Professional photographer James Smedley will explore the foundations of photography - shutter speed, aperture, composition and light - along with insights into meeting the challenges of winter photography. There will be instruction for those just learning to use their cameras as well as for shooters who want to take their photography to the next level.
Stokely Creek Lodge is alive in winter. Its’ unsurpassed cross-country ski trails, growing network of snowshoeing trails and legendary food and hospitality take the chill out of winter. Join us from Thursday to Sunday. Special arrangements can be made for those who wish to join Friday evening.
Cost is $225 for the four-day photography workshop plus accommodation/food. Contact Stokely Creek Lodge for Accommodation/food options:
Stokely Creek Lodge
local landline: 705-649-3421

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