Sunday, February 24, 2013

2013 BASSMASTER CLASSIC: Day 1 &2 in Review

By Luigi De Rose

Palaniuk was on fire on day 2.
(Photo: BASS)
Grand Lake O' the Cherokees, Tulsa, OK, is a super weird lake! It is not considered a southern lake even though it is geographically located in the south. The bass are northern strain largemougth, which means they live and flourish in cool to cold water. Popular belief is that cold water means difficult fishing. Traditionally, sunny days and increasing air temperature, especially in the late winter period means success. On Grand Lake O' the Cherokees, all this conventional thinking is wrong. The majority of the field at this Classic wanted snow, wind and overcast conditions. Why? These Grand lake bass bite better when it is miserable.

Dotted by thousands of boat docks, one might think that the bass would be tucked up under them and the winning patterns would be pitching a jig to them. But, the majority of the leaders are targeting bass off the docks and using horizontal baits. Sunny, slick conditions kill the jerkbait bite. Crankbaits don't fair much better. 

Quick Tips for Success at the Classic
  • 45 degree rock bank
  • docks and points on main lake points
  • pea gravel
  • wind, rain, overcast conditions are best
  • local favourite is Swithwick Rogue
  • Jason Christie (local favourite and currently in ) started with the magnum Rogue in Silver/Blue
  • best bite in first few hours and late afternoon
  • Alabama rig is banned on Elite tournament trail but devastating on recent Grand Lake tournaments
  • Best jerkbaits: Jackall Sqaudminnow (Pace); Molix jerkbait (Iaconelli), Rogue (Christie and many others); Megabass Vision 110 (Martens and many others);Strike King (both Van Dams); Lucky Craft (Palaniuk)

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