Sunday, February 24, 2013

2013 BASSMASTER CLASSIC DAY3 : Today's Top Anglers

By Luigi De Rose

Mike was lucky to get them early.
(Photo: BASS)
Day 3 has be horrible for the top leaders except for Brandon Palanuik. Here are the top estimated catches of today's best catches. Remember, the leader Cliff Pace had a huge 7 pound lead but he has only 4 small ones as of 2pm Central time.

Here are today's best limits
Hank Cherry 17-08
Mike McClelland 16-14
Tracy Adams 14-08
Todd Faircloth 14-04
Bradon Palaniuk 13-00

The rest of the field is doing very poorly. Very sporadic catches and long gaps between bites. The BASS crew is worried that there will be a tie resulting in a fish-off on Monday.

Stay tuned!

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