Friday, February 1, 2013

Jackall's Squadminnow 128 sp

Another jerk bait in Jackall's line up is the Squadminnow. Three versions, 128sp, 115sp and 95ps are available in 13 colours patterns. The 128sp is the largest and heaviest of the three. Ideal for late winter bass or pre-spawn. It will be a definite winner for Great Lake smallmouth or any other place bass feed on suspended bait.

Squadminnow 128 sp
  • suspending model
  • length: 5.1"long (128mm)
  • weight: 3/4oz (21g)
  • dives to approximately 3 feet
  • 13 colour patterns
  • 3 ultra sharp treble hooks
  • weight transfer system 
  • 2 ultra-sharp trebles
  • made in Japan
  • oval line tie 
The finishes are truly special. 
Close up of the shallow lip and eye. 

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