Tuesday, April 16, 2013

AR Lures Crank S65

AR Lures is a neat company. Relatively new to North America, is has its roots in Japan and China. When most companies are perfecting injection molding and internal weight transferring systems, AR focused on wood. Each bait is sculpted from Bass wood, a favourite among carvers. Wood always had an appeal with bass fisherman. It provides a distinct wobble and natural action that is unmatched. The marvelous hand painting will stop you in your tracts. Depending on the bait, each model has its own unique series of colour patterns.

The Crank S 65
Listed as a silent wake bait, it has a chubby, potbelly profile. Its running depth is 0- 1.5 feet. depending on retrieve and line size.

2.6" (65mm)
1/2oz (16g)

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