Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Nautique (Correct Craft) Acquires Bass Cat and Yar-Craft Boats

Boat Industry is Quickly Shrinking.
(Official Press Release)

Today our family grew and we could not be more excited. Nautique’s parent company, Correct Craft, acquired both Bass Cat and Yar-Craft – the two premier freshwater fishing brands in the boating industry.
Bass Cat is the industry’s highest quality bass fishing boat and, during the years JD Power surveyed boating customers, Bass Cat was the highest quality boat in the ENTIRE boating industry! Yar-Craft is the industry’s highest quality walleye fishing boat and both brands are known for outstanding customer service. So, as you can see, they will fit right in with our family!
Bill and Rick Pierce after closing. 
Both Bass Cat and Yar-Craft have great organizational cultures and Ron and Jan Pierce and their family (the prior owners) have done a great job leading them and building these brands. Over the past year I have grown to significantly respect the Pierce family and I am thrilled to announce that Rick Pierce, the founder’s son, has agreed to stay on as President of both brands. The Bass Cat and Yar-Craft boats are built by loyal and hardworking employees in Mountain Home, Arkansas and we have no plans to change either the team or location. We bought these brands because they are already great brands with great teams!
Nautique’s parent company, Correct Craft, has been making waves in our industry the past few years with growth and acquisitions. People often ask us about Correct Craft and our various companies and organization so, below is a brief summary that will help everyone keep the players straight:
  • Correct Craft is the parent company of all the other companies and brands. I am honored to serve as CEO of Correct Craft.
  • Nautique is the company most known as being part of Correct Craft. Nautique builds the world’s best ski and wake boats and sells them in sixty-seven countries around the globe.
  • Bass Cat is the bass fishing industry’s highest quality boat. It has a forty-year heritage built by the Pierce family.
  • Yar-Craft is the world’s premier walleye fishing boat.
  • Pleasurecraft Marine manufactures the world’s best engines. The engine brands are PCMCrusader, and Levitator.
  • Aktion Parks is the world’s premier owner of cable and boat parks. Currently Aktion owns Orlando Water Sports Complex and Miami Watersports Complex with more to come!
As our Correct Craft family grows there are some things that don’t change. Our commitment to building the world’s best boats and giving the world’s best customer service stays resolute. Nautique may be gaining some sister companies but it does not one bit diminish our commitment to making sure our customers have the best possible experience on the water.

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