Tuesday, April 21, 2015

2015 New Release from OSP: DAI BUZZN' Heavy Hitter

New Wake Bait from Japanese Star Toshinari Namiki
By Luigi De Rose

Another great crankbait was release earlier this year from OSP of Japan. This gem is their newest wake bait and a lot of attention to details will ensure it produces. The deep angled circuit board lip, called the HP Slashbill keeps the DAI BUZZN' Heavy Hitter running depth to just 5cm (under 2 inches). Making it ideal for cranking above weed patches, rip rap or other cover.

Loaded with two tungsten balls for an ultra loud, pounding rattle this wake bait is designed for stained water and heavy cover. At 64mm (2.5") this chubby crankbait is well balanced with two ultra sharp treble hooks. This floating model, weights 17g (3/5oz) and casts very well with heavy casting gear. The DAI BUZZN' Heavy Hitter uses a custom ABS resin to produce extra vibration and rattle plus ensure a stronger body. Expect top-quality Japanese finishes in all 9 custom colours.

The DAI BAZZN' Heavy Hitter is a new style of baits called OSP Works Secondary. The focus of the Works Secondary line are pro-tuned models that have been modified for specific or unique bass fishing techniques.

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