Friday, April 17, 2015

Jonathon Van Dam and Mark Zona on Why Low Gear Ratio Reels Work!

The top finishing anglers at the recent Bassmater Elite tournament on Lake Guntersville all stated the need to slow down. Presenting swimbaits at the correct pace was critical to catching the largest bass. The only problem was this most manufactures don’t offer lower speed reels. Anglers had to painstakingly crawl the reel to counter-act the high-speed gear ratio. If they used a slower ration reel, they could have easily matched the mood of the bass. Slower gear ratios have their place unfortunately most angler fail to utilize them.
Need power use a Curado 200PG!
Gear ratios are like tools. They help you catch more fish if you know when and why you need a slower speed reels.  According to Mark Zona, host of Zona’s Awesome Fishing Show, loves his fast moving bait but knows that’s not always the best choice of presentations. “I use a slower reel is when the water temperature is less than 55 degrees and the bait I’m fishing has to be presented slower because of bass’ sluggish nature. Here’s a case where the slower reel like the Anteres HG with its 5.6:1 gear ratio – or the new Alderbaran 50 with a 6.5:1 gear ratio if your looking for a lighter, compact reel to cast lighter lures, corrects my hyper nature and allows me to slow down under those conditions.” Advises Mark.
“I love them for their pure cranking power” states Jonathon Van Dam about the Shimano Curado 200PG which has a slow gear ratio. JVD says, “I like to use slower reels and I love the Curado. It helps me with my deep cranking or slowly working baits on the bottom.”
The new Curado I series are now available in five models – the Curado CU200PG, CU200, CU200HG, and left-hand retrieve CU201 and 201HG. If your after a Curado, pick the Curado 200PG. The 200PG has a slower 5.5:1 gear ratio making it ideal for big baits like the 6XD or 10XD crankbaits advises Van Dam.
Another huge plus for a slower speed reel is pure cranking power. Grabbing bass gear for in-shore saltwater species or big walleye, pike and musky demand pure power. Either waking a huge in-line spinner, minnow baits, or spinnberbaits have tremendous resistance in the water and can fracture weak gears. Speed is not just an indicator of power. Strong, machined gears and precision parts ensure years of use without wear.
With five S-ARB anti-rust ball bearings, and a one-way roller bearing for absolutely no handle backplay, the Curado I also include proven Shimano feature including Super Free and Super Stopper, a Cross Carbon Drag, and an Offset Handle Design. “The Curado standard continues with these new reels,” Gant said. “We realize anglers have special expectations with our Curado reels, and we fulfill our ‘Get More’ goal with these new reels and the new Shimano technology now featured in them. From the first series going back to 1991, our goal is to always to exceed the expectations anglers have in us and their Curado reels.” says Robby Gant with Shimano’s product development staff.
Slower gear ratios have their place; pickup one and experience the difference one of them can make with your fishing. 
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