Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Jackall's Cool Topwater Popper

Blitz Bass with Binksy!
By Luigi De Rose

At first glace, the Binksy looks odd. Tail spinner, belly blade and a concave face have transformed this Jackall topwater to much more than your average popper. Belly blades have been the rage for the past few years in Japan. The added flash and glimmer of silver is a huge attraction. When ripped along, it create a strong pulse. Blade vibration is a unique concept for a topwater bait and most North American bass have never seen such a bait. The tail spinner allows it to rip well with short rod pops plus it ensures the feather tail hook remains downward in the water. Skittered across the surface or chugged along isolated cover, the Binksy will provide more action than traditional poppers.

At 2.75" long, it is ideal for smallmouth, spotted and largemouth bass. At 3/7oz, this compact bait will cast very well on casting gear. A dressed rear hook and matching belly treble will hold anything that bites it.

 The Jackall Binksy is available in 10 colour patterns. Anglers will find top-notch quality consistent with all Jackall Lures.


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