Tuesday, March 15, 2016

ICAST conqueror has Bassmaster Classic wish

Canadian Company an ICAST KING!
Originally posted Angling International

Five industry awards in six years makes LIVETARGET the most decorated lure manufacturer in the history of ICAST.
And the Canadian company says that success in the Bassmaster Classic would be the icing on the cake. “If we had one hope from the event it would be that David Walker wins the event using one of our LIVETARGET lures,” says Marketing Manager Gary Abernethy.
“The bass market represents a huge part of the LIVETARGET portfolio as the company makes hundreds of lures that match the different forage types and techniques for the sector. The Classic Expo offers a great chance to showcase these to customers who do not normally get to see such an array of lures in one location.
“As well as being able to see our products, there will also be videos on show at the booth alongside our pro staffers who will be there to meet visitors and sign autographs. There is no other event that draws the attention of the consumer and media like the Classic.
“It has a great balance of promotional atmosphere along with a serious fishing competition. Most people do not realise how huge the Classic is to the fishermen themselves. Making the Classic roster becomes the whole focal point of their fishing season.
“It acts as a jump start to a new season so it is important to vendors, retailers and tournament anglers.”

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