Friday, September 1, 2017

Carleton University Needs Your Help!

(Photo: Carleton University)
Dr. Steven Cooke’s Lab at Carleton University is studying large- and smallmouth bass (collectively termed black bass) populations and management on Big Rideau Lake.
Knowing where fish are distributed through space and time is essential to the development of effective management strategies. Big Rideau Lake is among the most heavily “fished” water bodies in all of eastern Ontario, thus a clear understanding of black bass distribution throughout the seasons may assist in providing managers with information necessary to protect these highly sought after species. Our research on Big Rideau Lake (led by Alice Abrams and Aaron Zolderdo) employs fish tracking devices such as acoustic receivers and micro acoustic transmitters to monitor smallmouth and largemouth bass movement for 365 days a year!
Have you ever fished for bass on Big Rideau Lake? We want your angle on the black bass populations of Big Rideau Lake. Participate in our survey (takes  about 10 minutes) by following the link below:

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