Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Best Sellers of 2020: Dartspin has a touch of Sébile magic

The success of A Band of Angler’s Dartspin lure brings back fond memories for product designer and company founder Patrick Sébile. 

By Mel Bagnall

Originally posted by Angling International

It is almost a decade ago that he introduced his Magic Swimmer to the market.

Like the Magic Swimmer, the Dartspin (below) is his company’s best selling lure everywhere that ABOA lures are sold around the world. “There are definitely similarities, which is very encouraging,” says Sébile.

The broad appeal of the Dartspin is no accident. With sizes ranging from 2.5in to 7in (with more sizes to come), it can be used to catch a multitude of species, from freshwater trout, perch and pike to seabass, snook and cubera in the salt. “People are catching asp and chub on the 3.5in model, zander and redfish on the 4.5in, bass and calicos on the 5.5in and catfish or white marlin on the 7in,” says Sébile. “Bottom fishing anglers are using it to catch cod in Massachusetts and shallow water anglers are targeting barramundi in Northern Australia. It fits the needs of lure anglers everywhere.”

The Dartspin combines a soft plastic body with a metal tail blade. The body can be rigged almost any way the anglers wants. The tail blade creates a turbulence and flash; and the link between the body and the blade – a Sébile patent – also creates a vibration that adds to the action.

“The Softough material that constitutes the body is not only long lasting but is also eco-friendly,” adds Sébile. “It will breakdown without releasing harmful chemicals. This was one of the main reasons I chose it. Single use soft plastics are more and more of a problem.”

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