Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Ranger Boat's Shake Up Results in Bass Boat Sponsorship Switcheroo

Ranger cancels contracts

By Luigi De Rose

Takahiro Omori joins Bass Cat as scores of 
other Ranger Boat pros move on. (Photo: Facebook) 

Has the penny finally dropped? With the acquisition of Rangers boats by White River Marine Group in 2014, fans and pros alike wondered how that would change the face of bass fishing. Immediate change never transpired but under the strain of Covid, a changing market place and an upsurge in popularity in fishing and boating, 2021 has become the year of change. Ranger Boats has always held the largest pro-bass boat team in the industry. That still holds true but to the shock of many fans and pros alike, there has been a shake up. Surprisingly, some of the most popular and successful Bassmaster, MLF/ Bass Pro Tour, Tackle Warehouse Pro Circuit were not shielded. 

Boat companies cannot take the brunt of the blame for change. Engine companies hold tremendous power and money. Competitive anglers must go with whom is willing to feed them. Much like boat companies, the engine market is ruled by a few key figures. Mercury is king. Yamaha is a strong second with Honda and Suzuki grabbing slivers of the market share from these two giants.  

Keep a look out for your favourite angler on social media as they might be sporting a new boat title sponsor for the upcoming season.

Here is the current list of anglers as of January 27, 2021

Takahiro Omori: Ranger to Bass Cat

Bill McDonald: Ranger to Bass Cat

Scott Suggs: Ranger to Bass Cat

Cody Meyers: Ranger to Blazer

John Murray: Ranger to Caymas

James Watson: Ranger to Charger

Luke Clausen: Ranger to Charger

Charles Sim: Ranger to Falcon

Tom Redington: Ranger to Pheonix

Ish Monroe: Ranger to Skeeter

Scott Martin: Ranger to Skeeter

Brett Hite: Ranger to Vexus

Jared Lintner: Ranger to Vexus

Jason Christie: Ranger to Xpress Boats


Non-Ranger Pros who have switched

Fletcher Shryock: Nitro to Caymas

 Carl Jocumsen: Bass Cat to Falcon

Brandon Coulter: Triton to Falcon

Keith Poche: Triton to Gator Trax Boats

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