Wednesday, March 17, 2021

2021 Lunkerbowls

 2021 Hourly Big Bass Lunkerbowls

Tri-Lakes, July 4 | Rice Lake, July 18 | Rice Lake, August 15 | Tri-Lakes, August 29

The Competitive Sport Fishing League "CSFL" is pleased to announce four 1-Day Hourly Big Bass Lunkerbowls for 2021 on Tri-Lakes and Rice Lake.

It is the fresh innovative ideas that keep the CSFL as recognized industry leaders. The CSFL continues its thrive to elevate the excitement of competitive sport fishing here in Canada by bringing new anglers to the forefront of competitions and maintaining the integrity of an equal playing field in the all new Hourly Big Bass Lunkerbowls this summer!

The CSFL is proud to unveil its newly formatted rotating Hourly Big Bass Lunkerbowls, each event will begin with a traditional national sport coin toss at 6 am (that will be live streamed across our social platforms) to determine the first hour’s weigh-in species – all competing anglers will be notified accordingly. Largemouth and smallmouth windows will be rotating every hour based on the coin toss result, with a total of 8 hours starting at 7am-8am, 8am-9am, 9am-10am, 10am-11am, 11am-12pm, 12pm-1pm, 1pm-2pm, 2pm-3pm. For example, if the coin toss results with smallmouth, 7 am - 8 am window will be designated for weighing in smallmouth only, 8 am - 9 am will be designated for weighing in largemouth only and so on. Anglers can target both smallmouth and largemouth throughout the event day, but can only weigh in the specified species.

Cam Brownson, Berkley Marketing Manager, Canada states “The Lunkerbowl’s are going to be a great way to introduce all anglers, to a little of the competitive side of fishing. A fun day spent on the water with family and friends while mixing in a little bit of the extra challenge to hopefully win some money. Anyone can win any hour, big boat or small boat, new to fishing or you’ve been fishing for years, it only takes one fish. The excitement of fishing; the thrill of competition all wrapped up in an affordable fun day.”

Anglers will be contacted directly by the CSFL team during each event with automated text message notifications and reminders throughout the day indicating the species the hour is dedicated to, hourly leaders, sponsor contingency hours and more. Teams can consist of up to 3 anglers per boat, and are allowed to retain one less the legal limit while fishing for culling purposes only and are not allowed to travel with more than the event fish limit, 1 largemouth and 1 smallmouth in their live-wells at all times including when entering the weigh-in area. There is no Official Blast Off however there is a mandatory boat check in the morning for all participants before proceeding to their fishing spot for a 7 am official start. The cost of the Lunkerbowl is $177.00 per team plus tax.

Victoria Pallotta, of the CSFL adds “The unique element designed around the Lunkerbowl events will deliver a new dynamic that will encourage anglers to diversify their approach to the events. These events have been created with the intent on introducing new anglers to tournament fishing, and stimulating anglers to target both smallmouth and largemouth equally.”

Hourly Payouts, sponsor supported prizes, contingencies, incentives and rules will be outlined our website

The Competitive Sport Fishing League is the leading tournament series in Canada, offering diverse events that cater to every level of angler from experienced professionals to amateurs being introduced to the sport. To date the CSFL has successfully operated over 750 events, released thousands of fish and has hosted anglers from across the world throughout its 24 years of operation! Fish care is the CSFL’s top priority. Since the conception of the CSFL in 1997, fish care has always been a major component in its series. Today the CSFL utilizes the in water weigh in system developed through Queen's University, including the technology of properly regulated aerated tanks, water weigh-in scales and state of the art live release boats to enable the safe return of the resource, ensuring the future of the sport. The CSFL has released over 500 fish per day with less than 1% mortality rate.

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