Wednesday, June 22, 2022

The Ned Rig Goes Micro


Ladson, SC (June 16, 2022) - It’s the natural next level of finesse fishing for a full spectrum of gamefish—bass, crappie, panfish, trout, perch, bream, (a.k.a. anything with fins & gills). Z-Man’s new Micro Finesse BaitZ and Micro Finesse ShroomZ jigs are poised to provide continuous fish-catching action, gifting anglers with assets never seen in panfish baits before. For the first time ever, crappie, panfish and ultra-finesse fans stand to benefit from the softness, buoyancy and accentuated action—and the unparalleled toughness— of ElaZtech® . . . via five new snack-sized softbait profiles. Stay tuned for the full reveal, coming soon . . .

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