Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Alabama Rig? What is it?

Once every few years, some one creates a crazy bait that is a killer. As of recent, we have witnessed the wildly creative Chatterbait and Jika Rig. Think of how strange that first Senko or Gitzit looked but nothing is as wildly weird as the Alabama rig. What is it? It's a modified salt water umbrella rig that is used for trolling for stripe bass or blue fish. Over the past few days, Paul Elais, 1981 Bassmaster Classic Champ, has dominated the FLW Lake Guntersville tournament with one. He is attaching 5, yes 5, swimbaits to it and just killing the bass and other competitors. Actually, almost all of the top five pros are all using this rig. More will come of it for sure. Check out the photos and rig at
This one is rigged with five spinnerbaits (that is too strange) but Elias has matched his with
swimbaits and it is working for him.  

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