Thursday, January 24, 2013

Diawa's New Bait Finesse T3 Air Bait Casting Reel

This is the brand new T3 Air. Bait Finesse is a revolution sweeping Japan. Its pushing for super finesse casting gear. Reels are becoming so super light weight that they're able to cast line a thin as 6lb test. Drags and spools are ultra smooth and slick. Although this reel will not appear in North America any time soon, the Bait Finesse revolution will affect the gear we use for the next several years.

More Photos and Stats below

Price: $950 US
Gear Ratio: 8.6:1 or 6.8:1  (8.6 :1 is the fastest on the planet
Weight: 160g
Max Drag: 5kg
11 Ballbearings/1 Rollerbearing
1 handle turn per 86cm
Line Capacity:
6lb-30m,8lb-30m,10lb-30m/Daiwa Recomendation capacity
6lb-30m,8lb-30m,10lb-30m/Max capacity


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