Monday, January 28, 2013

Jerk Bait Week

Tis the season to throw jerk baits. Nothing shakes off the winter blues better than a day on the water. To make sure you enjoy yourself, jerk baiting should be part of your day.  

Jackall's Sqaudminnow 128.
An excellent example of a jerk bait.
Jerk baits are long, slender minnow plugs. Usually between 3” to 6” in length, they mirror baitfish well. Cold water can limit a bass desire to feed. So, matching what bass are accustom to eating helps.  Jerk baits come in three distinct designs: floating, suspending and sinking.  Suspending and sinking model are identical to most floating models yet they’re weighted to counteract the lure’s floatation. By having the bait suspend or sink, the lure appears very injured or dying; nothing more appealing to a half frozen bass. It also casts like a bullet.

Anglers have to be in rhythm with the season. Cold water mean lethargic bass. Keep the retrieve smooth and slow. You’ll have to play into the instincts of bass but don’t go crazy. Cold-water temperatures prevent even the hungriest of predators to resist something zipping by.

Anglers need to focus on local conditions to determine what minnows the bass are hunting.  Shad tend to be the most dominant forage but not always. Regardless, jerk baits will match what bass eat. Figure out what the bass are feasting on and match the size, shape and colour. You’ll need all the advantage to score.

Quick tips for success.
  • Find clear water
  • Baitfish mean bass. Find them and bass will be shortly behind
  • Scale down. Light line will help keep the bait deep
  • Deep diving baits are your friends, so use them
  • Keep an eye on warming trending

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