Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Jerk Bait Week: It's a Snap!

Jerk baits are amazing at producing flash and vibration. In order for them to be magical, you'll need to use a snap. Most jerk baits come with a split ring to allow movement but that is not enough. Many fear that in the heat of the battle, the snap will pry open. This might be true if you use some cheapy-cheap  version. Stick to a quality snap will ease your worries. We're not yanking out marlin, so there is no need to buy the thickest gauge of wire out there. Match the snap to the size of the bait. If you're casting a slender 3" bait then tie on a smaller snap and up-grade as the lure size increases.

One neat idea that many have yet to latch onto is Stringease's Fastach system. It is an easy on-off snap clip. Simply roll on the bait or reverse it to unlock it. Its quick, strong and ease, even when wearing gloves.

So, to ensure the best action from your jerk bait use a snap.

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