Thursday, May 23, 2013

AR Lure's Squarebill Crank-50 and Crank-D50 Crankbaits

AR Lures has another hit on their hands. The Crank-50 wooden squarebill crankbait. Available in a several versions, this wooden crankbait has great wobble. Each is hefty enough to launch to the other side of the lake yet not difficult to crank. Both models is huge range of custom colours. 

Crank-50 Stats:
size: 2" (50mm)
weight: 3/8oz (10g)
depth: 2.5 feet


size: 2" (50mm)
weight: 1/3oz 
depth: 6 feet

Crank-D50 above and Crank-50 below

A closer look at the Crank-50's square bill.  

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