Monday, May 27, 2013

The Swimming Ninja: Jared Lintner's Secret Bed Fishing Bait.

By Luigi De Rose

Jared Lintner, BASS Elite star, has been refining a secret bed fishing technique that will work for you. Conventional wisdom dictates dropping miniature soft plastic baits onto the nest of bedding bass.  This is a standard technique but during multi-day, high profile tournaments, anglers have to be unconventional.  Jared ensures this technique is so simple it will work for anyone.  Actually, it might be even more effective for the average guy because it is so simple to do.

Being a moulded swimbait ensures it has a super natural swimming action.
Bedding bass hate panfish. Panfish raid nests devouring eggs and fry. Spawning bass know the dangers and kill any panfish that ventures too close.  Lindner incorporates this knowledge to catch some of the biggest bass of the year.

Once Jared spies a bass on the bed, he casts or pitched a Swimming Ninja past it. As the bait hits the water, he allows it to swim into the bed. Once the bait is sitting in the bed, Jared advises to gently shake it. This bait is so natural that's all that is needed.  It can really be that simple. Jared also says that often the bite come before the bait even enters the nest.

The Weapon
Being a pro-staff for Jackall Lures has been a huge plus for western angler Jared Lintner. He has been able to experiment with so many unique baits but the Swimming Ninja is something special. This 3.5" swimbait mimics the round profile of a bluegill or panfish better than traditional swimbaits. “Bluegills are the worst enemy of the bass.” Stated Jared. That is why he finds the Swimming Ninja so deadly.  Being a moulded swimbait, the entire bait moves very naturally in the water. Although it sports an exposed hook, Jared ensures that it will work through light cover easily.

Naturally, Jared’s favourite colour is  Baby Blue Gill. As the spawn gets later into the spring, he will alternate between the Baby Blue Gill and Crappie. The crappie colour can excel once real crappie start spawning in the shallows.

The Swimming Ninja has many benefits. One of its best qualities is that it’s hefty enough to use with casting gear.  Being a full 1oz, it can be casted easily from a distance. Jared Swimming Ninja gear is a Shimano Core 100mg7 spooled with 20lb Sunline Shooter. The rod is a Loomis in 5 power.  He finds the Loomis rods have light enough tips to cast or pitch this bait with great precision.  

Jared ensures that the Swimming Ninja is amazing for bedding bass. So, it is legal where you fish, pick up some Swimming Ninja and try it out for yourself. 

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