Thursday, May 2, 2013

Jackall Pro Jared Lintner on Bed Fishing the Clone Gill

Regardless of where you bass fish, bed fishing is exciting. IBASSIN got to chat to Bassmaster Elite pro Jared Lintner. He shared in wisdom on how he catches bedding bass.

“I and the bass look for the pockets that are quiet and out of the way. Stay away from areas that get heavy boat traffic or high waves.” Explains the 8-year touring pro.  The pockets that face east warm up quickly and draw in a majority of the bass, especially the biggest ones.

Jared Lintner knows the value of the
Jackall Clone Gill.
One bait that shines the brightest for bed fishing is the Jackall Clone Gill. This soft plastic bait perfectly duplicates annoying panfish.  The Clone Gill is the perfect shape and size of a Blue Gill. “These fish raid bass beds. They are the worst enemy of the bass and bass will chase them off their bed.” Explains Jared, a California pro.

“The key to fishing the Clone Gill is to drop it right on the bed and shake it.” Advises Jared. After he makes the perfect cast and adds a few shakes the bass should eat it. It can be that simple.

Jackall’s line of clone baits perfectly matches natural prey. Jared loves the fact that these baits are compact yet solid enough to handle a solid hook.

He rigs the bait with a 2/0 Gamakatsu hook and teams it with a 1/4oz to 1/2oz bullet weight. It might seem heavy but it helps make great casts and assists the bait's glide.  Jared rigs this bait Texas style with the bait on its side. Having the bait rigged sideways really makes it spiral.

Another great rig is drop shotting the Clone Gill. Jared switches from the EWG hook to the Weedless Wicked Wacky hook. He nose hooks the bait and plops it on the bed. The Clone Gill is firm enough to be re-rigged several times yet hold its integrity.  This well-made bait becomes a real asset when working a big bass on a bed.

Here is Jared Lintner’s gear list:
Rod: G Loomis 895 JWR casting rod
Reel: Shimano Core 100mg 7
Line: 20 Lb Sunline Shooter
Best colours: Baby Blue Gill, Blue Gill and Crappie

(Make sure local laws on bed fishing are always followed)

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