Thursday, August 8, 2013

Kenora Bass International Day 1: Gustafson and Savage Lead. De Rose and Myers not so close

By Luigi De Rose

The rugged beauty of Lake of the Woods.
Just finished rigging the rods and ready to get to bed. Day 2 of the KBI is coming quickly. Day 1 was windy, wet and frustrating. Many did well but none did as well as the team of Savage and Gustafson. Jeff Gustafson is a touring FLW Pro and Savage is a local hot stick. Together they took the lead with just over 19lbs.

My partner and I didn't do as well. We had 4 smallmouth for 9.06 pounds. Our largest bass was 3.6lbs. It was our first one of the day and we hoped a sign of good things to come. Unfortunately, the day plodded along and we had some GPS trouble. Lake of the Woods has over 15 000 islands and each rocky outcrop is looking to eat a prop. Without a good GPS you are in trouble. So, we ended the day earlier than we wanted. We didn't manage our time well and should have fished more quickly but the bass seemed uninterested. Interestingly, we didn't see a bass caught by any of the boats that fished within eyesight of us.  It seemed uneventful for most of us.

The boat is gassed up and hooked up to make sure the batteries are at 100 percent. 

Hopefully, day 2 will be better. 

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