Monday, August 26, 2013

What happened to Aaron Martens on Day 4?

By Luigi De Rose

Aaron Martens safe as motor rips from his boat.
(Photo: BASS)
If you look at the standings you will see that Aaron Martens finished in 12th on the final day. He scored a zero. A blank in the standings leaves a lot of us wondering. What happened to Aaron?

Aaron is fine and recent up-dated his facebook page. While journeying back to the weigh-in he clocks several nasty waves and ripped the motor from his boat. He is fine but couldn't make it back to the ramp under his own power so his final day catch was void.

Here is his statement from is page:

Aaron and the boat are out of the water and everyone is fine. He confirmed he had about 21 lbs of smallmouth. He was coming off of Lake Erie into the mouth of the Detroit River when he hit a combination of 3 or 4 giant waves (made by multiple freighter style boats) at just the wrong angle. The bolts that hold the motor on the boat snapped. He is working on securing the motor so he can trailer it back to the launch ramp. 

He is bummed, but he did say he was happy for Chris Lane Outdoors for the win. Aaron knew it was a risky run and it just didn't work out the way he hoped. 

We'll get more from Aaron soon.

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