Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Live from KBI: Report from the water

By Luigi De Rose
(If there are some errors forgive me! I am getting burned out and I have not had a decent sleep in almost a full week.) 

Fishing with Eagles
With only one day of practice left, the KBI has not been kind to many. Local and visiting anglers are complaining. The lake is massive and much of it looks great for largemouth but they don't live there. New comers can waste a lot of time is zero to show for it. The areas that do have buckets, have had weak results. Smallmouth are grouped into 2 categories: smelt eaters and resident bass. The smelt eaters roam the big water and sometimes come up onto structure to eat. The resident fish are typical smallies that live where smallies live. We are focus on them all and have had mix results.

Being a tournament I cannot tell you much at the present moment. We have some patterns going but we are not killing them. The water temp dropped by 10 degrees over the last week. Some areas are still in the mid 60F water temps. This has put a lot of the bass into a time warp. Hopefully, they will sort themselves out. The huge problem is that tournament anglers like myself probably passed over tons of bass but didn't know it because the fish are in a bad funk.

We have 3/4 of a day of practice left and we will try some new places and expand on current patterns. It rained today which is a first. This might alter the usefulness of what we found today. The local weather says the three tournament days should be cool, sunny and not much wind. But, everyday around noon the winds pick up and the clouds roll in; they say that this is typical. What do I know? I'm new here.

One interesting thing here is the wildlife. In Kenora there are whitetail deer everywhere. They run through the parking lots of Canadian Tire and Walmart. Plus there are eagles everywhere.

Come back for more photos and details!!

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