Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fall Fishing: Ever try an Underspin?

By Luigi De Rose
Underspins: the best unknown bait for Autumn.
A great yet very under used bait is the underspin. Underspins are really a juiced up leadhead jig.
Crappie fisherman have been familiar with these jigs for decades. Recently, bass versions have been quietly beenhitting tackle stores. Even though Scott Martin used one to win the FLW CUP these baits are still underused. 
(Top: Sworming Hornet Fishhead; Buckeye Su-Spin; Blakemore Marten's Rolling Runner; Sworming Hornet 1oz.)

Ranging in sizes from 1/16oz up to a full ounce, each has a dangling blade to provide flash and vibration.  Teamed with a minnow or shad bait the whole presentation mimics a minnow excellently.

Where to fish these baits? Anglers can fish these things almost anywhere. An underspin can be a great alternative to spinnerbaits, crankbaits, tubes or regular jigs. The trick is to find bass feeding on bait. Smelt, shad, even perch school in the fall and bass are right behind them. Fire one through schools of bait and then see what happens. You'll be surprised about how well they work. 


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