Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fall Fishing: Top Water fun with Jackall Trigger Boil 100

By Luigi De Rose

Autumn is a great time to fish. The fish are active and the crowds have dissipated. One surprising presentation that doesn't get much hype is topwater during this time of year. If the conditions are correct, topwater action can be amazing. 

One new bait to his stores this year was the Jackall Trigger Boil 100. A truly unique bait, it is a popper that can be easily walked plus it has jointed action.  A little longer than most poppers, it is the perfect treat for bass.  Amazingly, it can be snapped quickly or slowly walked without much work. Jackall is a dominate Japanese tackle manufacture that prides itself in quality and innovation. This might be your new fall favourite. 

A nicely cupped mouth and two, super sharp treble hooks. Rear hook is feathered. 

Its jointed action works well at a range of speeds. 

Long and slender, this bait provides a strong profile without the bulk.

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