Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Bondy Stub Grub

By Luigi De Rose
Jon Bondy, La Salle Ontario, angler is well known as an expert guide, former Bassmaster Elite angler and lure designer. His lure designs and company, appropriately names Bondy Baits Company (www.bondybaitcompany.com) , are very well know in musky circles. He is now trying to equal his success with bass as he has with musky anglers.
The Bondy Stub Grub needs your attention. The Stub Grub comes in 10 colours and there are 10 baits per package. Several regional tackle stores are currently carrying then but it is much easier to purchase them on-line from www.bondybaitcompany.com

The Bondy Stub Grub is ideal for high current areas. It is thick, heavy, compact and rugged. Designed specifically for the Detroit River, it can be used anywhere bass live regardless of current. Being 3" long and 5/8" thick, it handles heavy gauge wire jigheads well. While discussing the Stub Grub during a fishing trip in July, Bondy explained that he wanted a grub that wasn't delicate. Lake St. Clair, the Detroit River and Lake Erie have booming smallmouth populations. Catching fish is usually not a problem. What is a problem is weeding through the walleye, white bass, smaller bass and drum while hunting for trophy bass. Most soft plastic baits need constant attention and erode under such heavy use. Bondy assures that his Stub Grub can catch fish after fish and still work well.  

Being 3" long, it will match goby, perch, sculpin, shiner or any other minnow out there. Unlike traditional grubs, this one has no ribbon tail. The magic lies in the quivering straight tail. 

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