Friday, October 4, 2013

Smallmouth Strategies: Crawling a Swinghead Jig

By Luigi De Rose

A solid keeper that helped vaulted Biffle to a win
this year on the Elite tour.
(Photo: BASS)
One smallmouth presentation that get little acceptance is crawling a swinghead jig. These jigs are a unique twist to a traditional football head. The hook and football head is linked together via a ring. Gene Larew's Biffle Hard head is one of the first and definiately the most popular of these jigs styles.

Initially intended for fishing ledges for summertime largemouth, they are dynamite on smallmouth. Bassmaster Elite legend put a huge exclamation mark on this jig's success with a win on the Mississippi River smallmouth. How can a good ole boy from Oklahoma beat all the finesse smallmouth guys? Easy, by simply casting his Hard head jig along sand bars and current breaks. The crazy thing is that he did it solely with casting gear and heavy line.

One of the best is the Fastach Football head. Any hook can be
attached onto it. Swap out a damaged hook for a new one. 
I love the ability to mix smaller hooks with heavy heads.
You have to get some Fastach Football heads
Team up this jig with a craw or creature bait. Anything crayfish looking will do. One experimentation that needs to be done is trying bulkier shakey worms, leeches or minnow baits in tandem with a swing jig. The possibilities are endless.

So, the next time you're interested in fishing something new try or need to spark up your fishing, think like Tommy Biffle and grab a swing jig.

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