Monday, June 2, 2014

June is big Smallmouth Time on the Great Lakes!

Start Bass Season with a Bang!

By Luigi De Rose

June is a magical month. For many states and particularly the province of Ontario, it is the month that bass fishing begins. It is also one of the best times of year to nail a whopper. The Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway is the location for anglers who are after truly giant smallmouth. These fresh water oceans remain cold and smallmouth bass are just now thinking of spawning.  This year we suffered a frigid winter which has attributed to an even slower progression into summer.

Shimano and Hunninbird pro, Derek Strub is all
smiles with his 7.1 pound Lake Erie smallmouth. 
For the angler, this is the time to target large flats, rocky points, channels and even shallow spawning flats if the water temperature is conducive for it. There are many techniques that work on smallmouth. No need to over complicate the presentations to catch these beasts. It is best to break it down into two categories: search and finesse. Search baits such as: spinnerbaits, jerkbaits, crankbaits even topwaters are ideal at trigging a reaction bite. If the bass are scattered and aggressive this quick presentation might be all you need. Play to the mood of the fish.

If you're getting wild hits but not connecting, you'll need to alternative between search and a finesse rig to cater to the bass. Don't be stubborn, switching to a finesse rig will save the day. A few bass might attack a search bait but scores of others will remain uninterested. Alternating between a tube jig and a drop shot will have you in the strike zone longer.

Venturing out onto the Great Lakes is not for everyone. It takes the correct gear, the correct weather and the knowledge to adjust to the fishing conditions but the rewards are well worth it.

** Fishing for any species out of season is unethical and against the law. If you cannot wait until your area legally opens for bass fishing then it is time for a road trip to New York or Michigan  **

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