Saturday, March 25, 2017

2017 BASSMASTER Classic Lake Conroe Day 2 Mid-Day Report

Pleasant Saturday bad for anglers
By: Luigi De Rose

Ehrler working his magic.
(Photo: BASS)
It's just past 1pm central time and a lot has happened. Actually, a lot has not happened and anyone catching a few is moving up the leaderboard. Most expected the leader board to flip flop but change is happening very slowly. Most anglers have a few while many are still searching for their first keeper.

Shad Spawn
Shad spawn was amazing for Evers who quickly sacked 20 lbs. in very quick order. He did well yesterday doing the morning shad pattern but the added wind today seemed to helped him catch quality. Van Dam exploited the shad spawn yesterday yet today it was a failure. It took Kevin a few hours to get his first keeper. He is sitting in 7th with 4 bass for 11 pounds. Edwin seems to have been the only one to capitalize on the shad spawn today.

Flipping bites/wood
Brent Ehrler is fishing this pattern and it continues to work very well. Brent hit a flurry while flipping brush and using a vibrating jig in more open water. He quickly advanced pasted Evers for the unofficial lead. Several anglers are also in the same section of the lake and pattern Ehrler is on but Brent is out fishing them.  Steve Kennedy, who is sharing water with Ehrler, has moved up to 4th with almost 15 lb today. Dave Lefebre has limit for 17lbs and is sitting in 3rd. Remember that most anglers stated the best action has come in the afternoon, so anyone in the Top 10 can grabbed the lead with one giant.

Keith Coombs only catching 3 bass for 7-11 on Day 1 was a shocker. Today Alton Jones has zero. Not one! He was heavily favoured and an pick to win but things are falling apart. Clifford Pirch said he caught multiple limits yesterday but currently has 1 bass for 2 lbs. Mike Iaconelli is struggling and abandoned his deepwater fishing. He is flipping brush but only has 5 pounds with 2 bass. Wesley Strader and Matt Herren have zero so far according to BASSTrakk. This might be a computer glitch but it could be just rough fishing.

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