Thursday, March 30, 2017

New G. Loomis IMX-PRO Rods

Providing the right flex and power, along with the right lengths and the optimum components, G. Loomis introduces its new IMX-PRO bass rod series designed for fishing bottom contact baits. The main goal behind the 24 models – including jig and worm, Carolina rig, flip/punch, drop-shot and shaky head rods, is to provide serious tournament anglers with a broad offering of high performance, technique-specific fishing tools. 
            In redesigning its IMX rods, “we’ve taken advantage of improvements in both our manufacturing processes and materials,” said G. Loomis’ Bruce Holt, an avid angler who knows more about G. Loomis bass rods than just about anyone. “Our rod engineers – led by David Brinkerhoff, used G. Loomis’ proprietary Multi-Taper Technology to design the IMX-PRO blanks to fish specific techniques, using strategic scrim placement to create very specific tapers to enhance the action for each of those techniques.” Holt notes the blanks are up to 18% lighter than comparable E6X rod blanks, and anglers will quickly sense a noticeable step above performance improvement over previous IMX rods.
The IMX-PRO jig and worm casting rods – 10 in total – include three 6’8”, four 7’ and three 7’5” models. Within the offering, the IMX-PRO 803C JWR “provides an ideal blend of power and sensitivity to fish small to medium-size plastics and jigs, and still have the power to move big bass,” Holt said, “while the heavy power 894C JWR is the best option to pitching big baits to land that always needed kicker fish.”
On the jig and worm spinning side, the IMX-PRO rods are available in six models – including two each 6’8”, 7’1” and 7’5” models. Holt notes the 7’5” IMX-PRO 893S JWR is designed specifically for fishing jigs and dragging tubes for big smallmouth or spots in any deep-water fishery, “and we know a few anglers who will be using them extensively on Lake St. Clair and those noted smallmouth lakes in northern Michigan.”
            For lighter Carolina rigs at moderate depths, the IMX-PRO 874C CRR casting rod is for medium to heavy line use, while the 875C CRR is best when fishing deep isolated humps and ridges when more weight is needed. Both rods measure 7’3”.
            When the need calls for flip/punch rods, the IMX-PRO line-up includes a 7’5” casting model for up close action in heavy cover, and two 7’11” casting rods where the extra length provides more range, plus lure and line control. Holt states that G. Loomis’ Multi-Taper Technology keeps these big rods light, yet surprisingly powerful. He says the IMX-PRO 955C FPR is the rod needed by every serious tournament angler.
            For light-line, small bait drop-shot action in waters down to 25-feet, the 6’10” IMX-PRO 820S DRS is designed for open water, while the slightly heavier 822S DSR is for fishing deeper water and is especially effective over deep-water tree tops.
            When targeting finicky fish, Holt says to try check out the 6’10” IMX-PRO 822S SYR shaky head-action spinning rod. Sensitive and with medium power, it can fished in cover or when you need go deep with heavier line and heavier shaky head jigs.
            All the IMX-PRO bottom contact rods feature tangle-free Fuji K-Frame guides. “Plus to provide the maximum in comfort, anglers will find all 24 rods offer subtly tapered full cork rear grips,” said Holt, “yet designed to give you that split-grip feel many bass anglers favor.”

            As with all G.Loomis rods, the IMX-PRO Series is manufactured in the USA. For more information on these new bass rods, visit, call 800/GLoomis, or stop by your nearest G.Loomis tackle dealer.

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