Tuesday, July 11, 2017

ICAST 2017 Z-MAN's New CrossEyeZ Flipping and Power Finesse Jigs

Designed by B.A.S.S. Elite Series pro and noted jig-fishing specialist David Walker, CrossEyeZ Flipping Jigs are built around heavy duty, 4/0 VMC® flipping hooks hand-picked by Walker, as well as wire trailer keepers and copper wire-tied 100% silicone skirts not found on other widely available jigs. Their unique head design performs flawlessly around all types of shallow-water cover, and their durable, color-matched head paint schemes and hallmark ‘cross eyes’ elicit close-combat strikes when other ‘ordinary’ jigs simply won’t. Available in 3/8-, 1/2-, and 5/8-ounce weights, and eight color patterns, CrossEyeZ Flipping Jigs retail for $4.99/each.

“I’m super excited to have partnered with Z-Man to create what I consider to be the ultimate flipping jig,” remarks David Walker. “From their distinctive head shape and perfect 4/0 hook size that help them come through the thickest, nastiest cover much better than traditional larger-hooked versions, to their time-tested, tournament-caliber color schemes and hand-tied skirts that won’t slip down when treated with oil-based attractants or slapped on the water to clear debris, the CrossEyeZ Flipping Jig is the culmination of all the key attributes I’ve always sought, and relied on, in a flipping bait to help me excel at the professional level.”

A more compact, streamlined offering also designed in conjunction with Walker, CrossEyeZ Power Finesse Jigs are ideal for casting, pitching, skipping and swimming. Built around small, but powerful, 2/0 Mustad® UltraPoint® flipping hooks specifically chosen by Walker, each is then outfitted with premium, hand-tied 100% silicone skirts and wire trailer keepers for maximum durability and longevity. Like their flipping counterpart, Power Finesse Jigs’ durable, color-matched head paint schemes and hallmark ‘cross eyes’ deliver added attraction when stealthier presentations are in order. CrossEyeZ Power Finesse Jigs are available in 1/4- and 3/8-ounce weights, eight proven color patterns, and retail for $4.99/each.

“The thing I’ve always disliked in the past about the sea of mass-produced finesse jigs is that everything about them has been ‘finesse,’” comments Walker. “Although the CrossEyeZ Power Finesse Jig is, by all measures, a finesse bait, it’s still stout and bulky enough to land big fish, yet is compact enough to coax finicky fish out of pressured or clear-water environments without having to pick up a spinning outfit.”

The B.A.S.S./Z-Man pro and self-proclaimed jig fanatic continues, “As an angler who’s kept a jig tied on over the 18 years I’ve fished for a living, it’s a great feeling to know I can go to any body of water and be in contention for a check with the CrossEyeZ Flipping and Power Finesse Jigs at my disposal. Over a lifetime of fishing, I’ve discovered things I like and dislike about various jigs that ultimately resulted in making my own, so I couldn’t be happier to have partnered with Z-Man to create two jigs that meet my rigid specifications. Both are absolute stand-outs, and the start of an unmatched family of jigs they’ve paved the way for.”

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