Thursday, May 28, 2020

Z-Man Leap FrogZ

With an innocent little splash, the defenseless amphibian belly-flops into the drink. Powerful legs kick and recoil, scooting the frog forward. The critter pauses, re-surfaces, bulging eyes betraying looming danger. Webbed feet dangle invitingly, soft white belly tantalizing, almost taunting. In one explosive instant, the water beneath the creature drops like an elevator; an .unseen predator opens its jaws with the vacuum force of a plunging five-gallon bucket. With a watery whoosh and a steel-door snap, poor little critter meets his maker.

In the bass-eats-whatever-it-wants-to world, it's tough to be a frog. Even tougher, perhaps, for a new artificial amphibian, freshly metamorphosized and minted by the bass bait artists at Z-Man Fishing. Hatched with a hollow, super collapsible vinyl body, the Z-Man Leap FrogZ puts itself in immediate danger every time it slaps the water's surface. Two different "species"—a Walking Frog and a Popping Frog—arm anglers with situation-specific frog baits, featuring subtle and lifelike or aggressive and loud surface actions, respectively.

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