Friday, June 10, 2011

Bassmaster Elite Diamond Drive Arkansas River Day 2: Mid Day Up-Date

Reports from
This is an unofficial leader board based on what bassmaster's writers have witnessed. Remember, this a river with many anglers using locks to reach distant areas. One delay and a top weight can be zeroed if the angler arrives late to the ramp. Locks are always a gamble especially if a barge wants to finish work quickly on a Friday afternoon before everyone leaves for the weekend. Barge traffic always get preference before tournament boats. Hopefully, no one will falter due to busy locks. 

1:15 p.m.
PlaceAnglerFishDay TwoTotal
1Denny Brauer512-0126-11
2Kevin VanDam59-0822-04
3Takahiro Omori411-0021-05
4Aaron Martens510-0420-12
5Gerald Swindle512-0020-04
6Randy Howell59-0618-12
7Brent Chapman48-1218-05
8Todd Faircloth411-0018-00
9Greg Vinson37-0017-06
10Ish Monroe22-1217-04
11Mark Davis38-0817-02
12Jason Williamson26-0017-00

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